Health Coaching

Health Coaching

Health & Wellness coaching is simply a process of creating healthier and happier lifestyles. Using one-to-one sessions, this coaching it designed to help clients to gain a deeper understanding of their lifestyle and to co-create ongoing practices, attitudes and/or behaviours that will support wellness and happiness.

This coaching can focus on any physical, mental, or emotional aspect of life. Whether that be to improve nutrition, to understand emotional patterns, to explore the physical body (from chronic pain, weight management to strength and flexibility), or to focus on topics like career goals and interpersonal relationships.

Your first session is a detailed discussion that looks at your goals, general health history, and reviews your lifestyle routines and habits; including work, play, sleep, diet, emotional states and relationships. The session may also incorporate simple therapeutic techniques such as visualisations and short meditations. Depending on the flow this session (or subsequent) can also analyse breath and postural patterns.

In the follow-up session you will continue the journey (which will be unique to you) and you will receive the beginnings of the life-style suggestions that we have created together. This may include certain practices (e.g. breath, meditation or movement), nutrition and lifestyle suggestions, and other tools.

From there, well, who knows…

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