About Me


I am a mother of two, yoga teacher, massage therapist and a health coach. I am deeply passionate about people, health, nutrition and well-being. A passion that may have deeper roots, but which became more apparent when I started my own personal wellness journey about fifteen years ago. Nearing the end of a corporate career in the city of London, my body was aching from the pressures of working in stressful, high-pressure environments, and a tonic was required. As is often the case nowadays the initial tonic was that of yoga. And my yoga ‘practice’ immediately had a positive impact on my mental and physical well-being.

Since then, I have never really looked back. I studied in India to gain my yoga teaching qualification at a Sivananda centre, I have attended numerous holistic bodywork courses (from Pregnancy Massage, deep tissue to Chi Nei Tsang and Thai massage), and I have completed a Naturopathic Health Coaching Course with CNM.

In 2015 I landed back in India where I taught, treated and co-managed a wellness retreat centre with my partner, Tobie: tobiet.com, catering for individuals from all over the world, with similar stories and needs: https://www.ashiyana.com/wellness-wellbeing/.

My yoga classes are about moving slowly and creatively, exploring the power of the breath, accepting the fluctuations of emotions, and connecting to the inner wisdom of the body. I love to use essential oils whenever I can!

I have studied holistic bodywork for the last 20 years having experienced severe neck and back pain borne from an accident and perpetuated by a fast-paced lifestyle. I believe nothing quite compares to the human touch; I am passionate about listening to the client and working with them so they can work towards healing themselves.

For me health and wellness are about connecting to ourselves and our true natures. By giving ourselves time and space, by creating an environment in which the body can self-heal, by being heard and empowered, self-development will happen naturally.

Health and wellness are there for us all if we create the space for it.

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